Charles Silverson Monument, Spring Grove Cemetery

Charles Silverson was once president of both the Gerke Brewing Company of Cincinnati and the Eagle Roller Mill Company in New Ulm, Minnesota.  He was born in Lorbach, Germany, in 1850 and died in New Ulm in 1912.  He lived at 4359 Hamilton Avenue in Northside.   His former residence is situated on a corner known as "millionaires corner" and was a neighbor of Andrew Jergens.


Image of the Charles Silverson monument
Charles Silverson Monument

Image of Charles and Annie Silverson graves
The Graves of Charles and Annie Silverson

Image of Charles Silverson Article
Article from the Northwestern Miller, 12/24/1997

Image of Former Charles Silverson Residence
Former Charles Silverson Residence, 4359 Hamilton Avenue, Northside

Image of Map of Silverson Residence in Northside
Map of Silverson Residence in Northside

Image of the Gerke Brewing Company, Cincinnati
Gerke Brewing, Plum Street and Central Parkway


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